Study on Likelihood-Ratio-Based Multivariate EWMA Control Chart Using Lasso

Takumi Saruhashi, Masato Ohkubo, Yasushi Nagata


Purpose: When applying exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) multivariate control charts to multivariate statistical process control, in many cases, only some elements of the controlled parameters change. In such situations, control charts applying Lasso are useful. This study proposes a novel multivariate control chart that assumes that only a few elements of the controlled parameters change.

Methodology/Approach: We applied Lasso to the conventional likelihood ratio-based EWMA chart; specifically, we considered a multivariate control chart based on a log-likelihood ratio with sparse estimators of the mean vector and variance-covariance matrix.

Findings: The results show that 1) it is possible to identify which elements have changed by confirming each sparse estimated parameter, and 2) the proposed procedure outperforms the conventional likelihood ratio-based EWMA chart regardless of the number of parameter elements that change.

Research Limitation/Implication: We perform sparse estimation under the assumption that the regularization parameters are known. However, the regularization parameters are often unknown in real life; therefore, it is necessary to discuss how to determine them.

Originality/Value of paper: The study provides a natural extension of the conventional likelihood ratio-based EWMA chart to improve interpretability and detection accuracy. Our procedure is expected to solve challenges created by changes in a few elements of the population mean vector and population variance-covariance matrix.


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Takumi Saruhashi (Primary Contact)
Masato Ohkubo
Yasushi Nagata
Saruhashi, T., Ohkubo, M., & Nagata, Y. (2021). Study on Likelihood-Ratio-Based Multivariate EWMA Control Chart Using Lasso. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 25(1), 3–15.

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