Daimler process audit preparation, execution and evaluation in Faurecia Kosice

Ľubomír Lengyel


This paper is describing process of preparation to successful passing of Daimler Process Audit. From process point of view VDA 6.3 standard has been the base accompanied with Daimler additions, driven by internal Faurecia Audit standard. Continual improvement process based on Deming’s cycle has been applied. The paper is intended for all professionals who are concerned with the process and product quality improvement and quality audit in the organization. The paper has been compiled in connection with resolving project KEGA 3/6411/08 Transformation of the already existing study programme Management of production quality to an university-wide bilingual study programme.


VDA6.3; Daimler Process Audit; continual improvement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12776/qip.v14i1-2.32


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