A Methodology for Decision Support for Implementation of Cloud Computing IT Services

Adela Tušanová, Ján Paralič


The paper deals with the decision of small and medium-sized software companies in transition to SaaS model. The goal of the research is to design a comprehensive methodic to support decision making based on actual data of the company itself. Based on a careful analysis, taxonomy of costs, revenue streams and decision-making criteria are proposed in the paper. On the basis of multi-criteria decision-making methods, each alternative is evaluated and the alternative with the highest score is identified as the most appropriate. The proposed methodic is implemented as a web application and verified through  case studies.


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Adela Tušanová
adela.tusanova@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Ján Paralič
Tušanová, A., & Paralič, J. (2014). A Methodology for Decision Support for Implementation of Cloud Computing IT Services. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 18(1), 33–46. https://doi.org/10.12776/qip.v18i1.275
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