The Application of Internet of Things in Metering the Consumption of Utilities in the Czech Republic

Pavel Sladek, Milos Maryska, Lea Nedomova, Petr Doucek


Purpose: This article proposes and analyses the potential use of IoT solutions for detecting water consumption not only from technical, but also from the business and financial points of view. This topic is important because by solving this problem, companies may save a lot of money and this paper provides financial analysis, which answers question, if the implementation is or is not meaningful.

Methodology/Approach: Source data used in this paper come from an extensive survey among fifty experts from the energy supply industry in the Czech Republic during two-round workshops. One of the most attractive application has been appointed “monitoring of utility consumption” – for this article the water metering.

Findings: We have reached the conclusion that an isolated implementation of IoT technologies is much more expensive than the current solution that are based on human labour, periodical inspections of meters by people. This is caused mainly by high prices of the sonic/mechanical metering devices supporting IoT functionality.

Research Limitation/implication: Workshops and research work were realised in conditions in the Czech Republic. Principles of application opportunities and of its implementation are general, but the final decisions about their importance can be influenced by the specifics and situation in the Czech Republic.

Originality/Value of paper: The value of the paper comes from the workshops where were defined important application opportunities for definition of the priority for each of defined application opportunities.


Internet of Things; energy industry; utility measurement; Smart City; economic evaluation

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