Effectiveness evaluation of service provided in geology: Introduction of a pilot project EESG

Markéta Lajczyková


The paper is focused on providing services, specifically on effectiveness evaluating of services in the field of geology (nicknamed project EESG), and delivers the performance of a pilot project to establish a general methodology for effectiveness evaluating of services of geology by using several methods for data analyzing in the field of the quality management system, which should be addressed in practice in conditions of a specific organization. Among other things, the article also paid attention to the CEDAC method. The paper based on the importance of effectiveness and benefits from the effectivness evaluation of service as very important decision variables in managing the process, which contributes to so-called operational quality management. Paper also presents the results of some interesting analysis for example an analysis of a competitive advantage thanks to management systems and identification areas for improvement based on analysis of the audits. The paper has been compiled in connection with resolving project KEGA 3/6411/08 Transformation of the already existing study programme Management of production quality to an university-wide bilingual study programme.


efficiency; service; CEDAC; project; monitoring; analysis; improvement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12776/qip.v14i1-2.31


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