Improve Ramp-Up Performance on the Sewing Process in a Sports Shoe Factory Using 8-Disciplines and Lean Manufacturing

Lucky Setiawan, Sawarni Hasibuan


Purpose: The research aims to design a performance improvement framework for a new model of sports shoes to increase the ramp-up process time.

Methodology/Approach: The approach used the problem-solving system of 8 disciplines, Single Minute Exchange Dies, Visual Management, and the Just In Time principle.

Findings: By using the methods described above, the research findings will have a positive impact on the company. Model changeover time was reduced from 600 minutes to 102 minutes, and ramp-up time was reduced from 20 days to 2 days.

Research Limitation/Implication: The limitation of this study was that only the CK2946 model was still done as a case study. The cost and other inhibiting factors were also not included in the discussion of this rump-up process.

Originality/Value of paper: By integrating SMED, Just In Time, visual management, and using 8-Dicipline, the researcher developed a framework for improved performance for ramping up a new model of sports shoes.


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Lucky Setiawan (Primary Contact)
Sawarni Hasibuan
Setiawan, L., & Hasibuan, S. . (2021). Improve Ramp-Up Performance on the Sewing Process in a Sports Shoe Factory Using 8-Disciplines and Lean Manufacturing. Quality Innovation Prosperity, 25(2), 19–36.

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