Process Optimization in Metallurgy Based on Technological Maps

Josef Tošenovský, Filip Tošenovský


Regulation of technological processes has usually the following objective: it tries to find levels of process inputs which lead to a desired process output. Problems occur when such levels are changed when the process is running. In such cases, the levels of the other inputs generally cease to be optimal, and the output level is consequently not desirable either. The paper demonstrates a method which calculates a region optimal for regulation instead of the optimal values. A major advantage of the method is that a change in the value of one of the parameters does not have any effect on the output. If a value of a parameter changes in the optimal region, there is no need to change the other parameters. It is also possible to work with an optimal region, taking into account the minimal variability of the output, as is demonstrated in the paper. The method is illustrated in the field of steel production.


process inputs and outputs; regression; contour graph; regulation; optimal region

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